About Us

At Auggen 21, We carry out research and development to encourage technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. AI in products and to new domains, developing tools to ensure that our work compliment with our motto of unity in diverse technologies. AI is helping us to do in exciting new ways, solving problems for our clients and the society. Auggen21 is a Research and Development based organisation specialising in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence by bridging contemporary research solutions. Our vision is to expand the scope and resolution of AI and Computer Vision that redefines solutions which are committed to fair and responsible applications. We believe in our organisation to enforce the technologies that leads innovation to power up the future.


Working Space

Our working space is situated in the heart of IT capital, University of Kerala, Kariavattom campus. The campus laden with enchanting greenery covers about 450 acres of land and plesant atmosphere working people.



In this world all decisions are made from each community.We have an computer science research community that enriches us in building applications and products that mainly bridge academia and industry.Here we share our thoughts and finding solutions from domain expert.



Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide their pupil. In our space a lot of experienced faculty are available who are willing to spend time with us.


Our Mission

“We are with our clients” – The challenges we solve are difficult and require teamwork.We bring an understanding of automation and technology that complements client's internal knowledge. Our creative, energetic and innovative team also knows how to minimize risk. We understand that how we manage the project is just as important as the final product to our clients. “Delivering the right automation solutions” – The perfect solution meets the client's specific needs. We look at the installed base, the capabilities of the client's technical team, the features and capabilities of the technology, and the intended use and lifespan of the solution.


It has been pleasure to serve our clients over the past few months.Our clients are happy with our products.